Monday, April 25, 2011

World Malaria Day Update!

Monday, April 25th has been recognized as World Malaria Day!
Village Life Outreach Project continues the fight against malaria.
During the 2005 trip to Tanzania, Village Life's partner villages identified malaria as the number one health concern. Since this time, our donors have helped with funding to provide over 7000 mosquito bed nets for families in the villages of Roche, Nyambogo, & Burere.

A recent report from Dr. Esther Kawira concerning malaria cases at Roche Health Center and Sota Clinic:
"On the medical side, we continue to see hardly any malaria. I
have had ONE case so far in April, at my Sota Clinic, a 9 year old
child. Total of seven cases in March (the average before that was 30
per month, when I look back at my stats), and none of the seven was an
infant...the youngest was a two year old child. We have also not seen
any malaria at Roche on the last 2 visits (we have checked some people
with the rapid tests, and they are all negative). It looks like bed
nets with wall spraying is the magic combination!"

The efforts of many government and non-government organizations have helped to lessen the burden of malaria, but more can be done to eradicate malaria.

Please join Village Life Outreach Project in the fight against malaria by learning more about our efforts:
or you can provide 4 nets by donating $25 today:

Thanks to everyone who has helped in the fight against malaria!

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