Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Four Stories" Update

From Dr. Esther Kawira, May 30th, 2011:

I have good followup from the story of the abdominal pregnancy.
The patient had surgery 24 hours ago in Mwanza. Mother and baby (girl, 1150grams) are doing well. The placenta was attached only to the left tube and ovary and therefore was able to be removed surgically. This is the very best outcome we could have hoped for.

Meanwhile Under the Same Sun, the NGO for albinism, responded to my email queries. There is much help and support for people with albinism in Tanzania, including a school in Tarime! We will be looking into it further. We're still counting on you bringing the protective clothing, plus sunscreen which I didn't mention before. My nurse Dorothy says the family live near the clinic in Roche.
I go again tomorrow to Roche....probably I'll have a dull routine day:)

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